Although I am way over the hill, I still have not decided what I want to be when I grow up.  So I ended up doing many different things and am always willing to start a new project just for you, using all my expertise, to solve your problems or get your job done.  See below the many projects and businesses I am currently engaged in, projects I have done, and a few I plan to pursue in the future.

I am a Business Consultant with over 40 years experience in Human Resources, Technical writing and web services for small businesses in South Texas.  I invited all small businesses to have a Business Directory listing. 

Just started my webpage so it will

look better after I adjust to this web program.

I am restarting my Stexasbiz business directory that I had much success for myself and the small businesses listed. If you are a small business in South Texas and would like a small web listing email me at

I charge $10 for 3 lines and a small picture until Jan 1st the next year.

Charlene Kuprel

Edinburg,, TX

(956) 639-3201